Josette Barchilon – Google Jamboard

Talia Perez – Wingstop

Victoria Jacobsen – Popchips

Dominique Cox – Back to the ’90s AT&T

Shaki Murthy – REI Force of Nature

Michael Ryan Cleland as the Wiener – Wienerschnitzel

Eugena and Sara – Disney Junior

Michael Dearie and Murphy Martin – Quilted Northern uSit

Melina Paez

Melina Paez – AT&T

Michael Dearie & Rory Keane (VO) – BEST DAMN Brewing Co.

Josette Barchilon – eHarmony

Josette Barchilon – Gorton’s

Murphy Martin – Thrillist/Pandora

Amy Jorgensen – CNN History of Comedy

Karla Avila – Century 21

Dominique Cox – Benefit

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